How Unique Content Influences Search Engine Rankings

There was a time when the only thing that mattered with respect to SEO was keywords. This was during the very early stages of SEO being introduced, and search engines using formulas to determine how your site was ranked. However, times have changed a great deal since those early days. And even though the use of keywords does still matter, it is not the only thing that matters. In fact, search engines give a lot of importance to some other factors. And one of those important factors is unique content. If your site has unique content that is regularly updated, you will have a much better position on results pages for related topics.

The reason why unique content is so important is because search engines such as Google want sites that have something interesting to say to be in the top positons. If you have a site that is just filled with keyword spun articles, then you are not going to have a very high position. Sure, you may get a decent position for obscure keywords, but for anything common, you will be far behind sites that have unique and engaging content. And that is the reason why content writing services are so important.

If you are serious about getting your site to a higher position in search engine results pages, you need to ensure that you are adding new content to you site each week. It does not matter whether you are writing the content on your own, or paying someone else to write the articles. What matters is that you are getting unique, engaging and interesting content. The keywords that are included in the content still matter, but you do not want keywords stuffed in the content either. The right amount is much more important than keyword stuffing.

And most importantly, you need content that has a purchase. You need content that is attempting to convey an idea, share a new fact, or explain something that would be relevant to the people who are coming on your website. It is the reason why so many websites have blog sections. For instance, the website of a local law firm will have a blog section where various tips, tricks or opinion articles are written. These articles are always related to the law services offered by the firm, and they help with the firms’ search engine ranking in comparison to the competition.

Getting your existing content search engine optimized still matters. And the quality of your landing page is equally relevant. But do not make the mistake of sleeping on unique content. It is vital if you want your site to have relevance, and a good position on search engine results pages. It is also vital to remember that real people who visit your site will be more impressed when they see articles written by real people, for a real audience. These site visitors will take you seriously as an authority on the subject in question – and they may even bookmark your site so they can check it for new content in the future!